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When one door closes another opens...

Kia ora friends,

Today I’m excited to share that we're officially moving to close the door on our direct-to-consumer offering.

As the saying goes: “when one door closes, another one opens.”

We're doing this because we have seen a resurgence in the commercial space and huge progress within our textile recycling program. In order to make the most of both of these opportunities we will no longer be designing or marketing toward the individual consumer.

The last few years have been incredibly hard. Beyond rising costs, supply chain disruptions, a pandemic, weather related events and constant uncertainty it has at times been difficult to maintain a positive outlook and sustain the energy needed to drive a business forward. We have only navigated these challenges through fast pivots and what is undoubtedly a group of amazing stakeholders who have stood by us throughout it all. 

Little Yellow Bird kicked off in 2015 with the grand (perhaps a little naive) vision to revolutionise the fashion industry. The goal was to make a difference in the textile industry and I believe we have done that.

In 2020 we first expanded into a direct consumer offering and this is what ensured our survival. It was you, our community that got us through the last two years - and I thank you. We extended our product offering introducing a range of baby clothes, merino, bespoke prints, lounge pants and activewear. We have been so humbled by the support of each and every customer and supporter. But now more than ever it's time to double down and stay true to the pursuit of a radically transformed fashion system. 

Whilst I’ve loved collaboratively designing and producing clothing for individuals it was not the original business model I had intended. Nor do I believe it is the place where I can personally have the greatest impact. As both an individual and an organisation that is maturing I find myself often asking the question; what I can be doing that will make the biggest impact. I believe that it is within the branded apparel and uniform space - a space historically dominated by unsustainable and cheap fabrics where we can make the most impact. 

So here we are offering the same site-wide sale that kicked off our foray into e-commerce to survive covid, but now with the renewed purpose to focus and grow our impact in the spaces where we are most needed. 

Thank you to everyone who has shopped, shared, supported and showed up for us. We simply wouldn’t be here without you. We hope that you will continue to support us in our mission to close the loop, make ethical workwear, reduce textile waste and look after our people and planet. And please do so knowing that you are an integral part of a very valued community.

We’re grateful to have you here and here’s to a circular future, 

Sam and the team at Little Yellow Bird

sam ceo of little yellow bird


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