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Frequently asked questions


Yes, we do. All products that have bulk pricing have discounted prices listed on their pages. 

If you're looking at a larger or bespoke order, get in touch with us at info@littleyellowbird.co.nz so we can discuss your project. 

No, there is no minimum order in our online store. If you are after a custom order, there may be a minimum applied depending on your specific request. In general custom orders need to be 20 or more units to be cost effective

Samples from our online store can be sent out and returned to us at no cost. You must arrange return delivery. Items not returned within 7 days or as otherwise agreed will be charged at the retail price. Get in touch with us info@littleyellowbird.co.nz to arrange samples with our team.

Products that are labelled "Pre-order" are out of stock items that are available for purchase. Pre-order purchases are pre-paid and stock for the order is reserved for immediate delivery when it arrives in the warehouse. It’s worth checking the ‘time to delivery’ notices on the product listing when you’re buying a pre-order product.

Clothing Origin & Manufacturing

Our products are all made in India under fair conditions. We exclusively use organic cotton and strictly adhere to fair trade principles. You can read a detailed report about our procurement and impact here.

Our cotton is grown in India, we trace it right back to source Typically ordering 1-2T of cotton from one of two cooperatives in East India. 

We only use rain fed cotton to reduce reliance on clean water sources that are better used in local communities for living purposes. The more rain fed cotton consumers use, the less will infertile or unsuitable land be used for cropping. We choose to only buy cotton growing well at its evolutionary happy place and during its optimal season which means less reliance on human interventions like fertilisers, pesticides (none of those obviously in our products!) and water. 

It does mean less cotton of this calibre on the market so it is a premium product - we pay for those exceptional qualities of the product.

We send the end of life garments, uniforms and other 100% cotton fibre we collect to our partners in Europe who run world-class recycling processes. Our products are broken down to molecular level, re-spun into new fibre and resold

Demand for the recycled fibre is so high that there is a 3 year waiting list to purchase the end product. Eventually we would like to see some of the output returned to us to use in our own goods but our initial goal is to achieve scale first.

We are rolling out a paid subscription model to other businesses as the project grows, and will soon be able to offer all customers the opportunity to return both LYB goods and other brands clothing items to us at the end of their useful life - encouraging repair, re-gifting and re-use of course before we recycle!

We deliver all our online orders using plastic free packaging. Shipping labels are home compostable, we use paper tape to close our cardboard boxes, and we encourage you to reuse these boxes before either composting or recycling them as well.

We are currently working on tracing our emissions from seed to end consumer, so that we can plan our offset scheme. We work with Ekos on this and will update consumers at each stage of the project.

Custom Clothing

We offer a range of branding options including screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, Supacolour or patches. Please send your artwork to info@littleyellowbird.co.nz and we can provide a recommendation and cost indication depending on your requirements.

We can manufacture for other brands and do so for a number of clients. We are ideally placed to work with brands that already have a clear understanding of what they require and are ready to move into production. We have limited capacity to do sampling but please contact us directly to discuss.

Shipping, Packaging & Returns

Yes, you can return your order as long as the items meet our return conditions. You have 14 days to return your order from the date your order was received. Goods must be in original condition with all tags and packaging. When you’re returning an item, it’s worth including a note with your name and order number. Please email us at info@littleyellowbird.co.nz to let us know you're returning an order so that we know to keep an eye out for it!