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We’ve partnered with Vanish to divert 10 tonnes of textile waste

We can’t solve the textile waste crises by ourselves but together we can make a difference by reducing the amount of textile waste that ends up in our landfill.

Kiwi’s send an average of 30k of textile waste to landfill each year. Low quality clothing and high volumes of unwanted clothes also mean that a lot of clothing donated to local op shops also end up in landfill. 

We’ve partnered with Vanish to divert 10 tonnes of textile clothing from landfill this year through a unique in supermarket collaboration. To kick this project off we are trialing textile recycling boxes in select New World’s throughout Wellington this month.

We invite shoppers to donate their clean, pre-loved natural fibre clothing items at a ReLove Recycle Stations during your next grocery shop. 

  • New World Thorndon
  • New World Hutt City
  • New World Newlands
  • New World Island Bay

Textile Recycling Box


We only deal with natural fibres and natural fibre blends. This means you’re welcome to drop off your 100% cotton, merino, wool, linen, hemp, silk, hemp/cotton/linen blends. 100% cotton sheets, tea towels and towels are also welcome. 

We don’t have a solution for synthetics garments and we actively encourage people to avoid buying these too, so please no products made from synthetics (poly-cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, viscose, acrylic). Please also no duvets, mattresses, carpets, undergarments or shoes. 

Clean out your closet, make your clothes go around again and feel good about doing something for the planet at the same time.

All items dropped in these recycle stations end up at our Wellington based headquarters. Items are sorted and graded in our warehouse from being fit for re-use, suitable for up-cycling or if truely end of life used in one of textile recycling programmes. We are currently piloting numerous processes for diverting textiles from landfill these are constantly evolving and include being used in insulation and carpet underlay through to ourpioneering fibre-to-fibre programme.

A huge thank you toVanish for helping people take care of their clothes and also supporting initiatives like this to keep clothes out of landfill. We will be taking some time to evaluate the Wellington trial and hope to see more of these boxes popping up in centres near you soon.

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