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New Zealand Post chooses Circular

NZ Post has been one of our customers where collaboration and partnership feel like better descriptors than customer supplier relationship.

We have supplied NZ Post staff with their black polo for a few years now, so we were excited to work with them on the company’s rebrand. In particular, we were stoked to see they were putting just as much thought into their end of life solutions for their decommissioned products as they were to their new products.

We now proudly supply the same polo in navy with their updated branding and have been busy collecting back the old black polos. These polos will form part of our next batch of fibre-to-fibre textile recycling.

As NZ Post has a lot of other legacy cotton products made by other brands, we gladly received a range of products that while not made by us, we were happy to recycle too.

NZ Post Group Sustainability Manager Dawn Baggaley says sustainability is embedded in the culture at NZ Post.

“We realise our choices and actions matter today and, in the future, so we’re taking action to reduce our negative impact on the planet and maximise our positive impact on our communities,” she said.

“We collaborate with suppliers and customers on many low-carbon initiatives and this is just another innovative way we continue to foster the all-important message of sustainability as a collective movement.”

We’re delighted to be working with the team at NZ Post on their end of life solutions and welcome them as a member of our circularity initiative! The Circular Cotton Collective is a group of businesses that are pooling resources and sharing the costs to aggregate, sort and re-distribute or recycle end-of-life cotton. The collaborative approach taken by these brands is essential, especially as the minimum threshold to access the technology would be unreachable for most.

Thank you NZ Post for choosing circular. We can’t wait to continue working with you into the future!

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