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LYB x ZQ Merino: A match made in . . . a paddock?

We believe the most important aspect of manufacturing a garment is having ethics to its core. Not only will this durable, lightweight fibre keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter but you can feel good about wearing it knowing that the land, animals and people are well taken care of.

ZQ Merino’s extensive ethical and regenerative wool production programme results in a perfect fit with our company values of transparency and innovation, and doing what’s right . . . not what’s easy. Read on to find out what sets your LYB x ZQ Merino apart from the flock.

1. The Sheep

Farmers care for their sheep, making sure they are well-fed and checking in on their health. The majority of ZQ sheep roam the high countries of Southland in New Zealand, supporting their natural behaviours. Farmers shear their sheep just once a year, leaving a layer of protection but still ensuring they time the shear for spring to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

2. Quality Fibre 

Did you know that distressed sheep produce fibres with uneven diameters, creating weak points in the wool? In comparison, a healthy sheep grows wool that is uniform in diameter creating a strong yet soft fibre. Any wool that doesn’t meet standard is sorted and discarded so there is real importance placed on the welfare of the animal.

3. Environmental Impact

ZQ Area Managers work closely with farmers to implement and maintain environmental plans. Mitigation action includes planting native plant species, helping restore waterways and soil protection. All ZQ growers are required to formulate a Land Environmental Plan specific to their individual property in order to care for the land and keep it balanced and productive.

4. Social responsibility

Just as the welfare of sheep takes priority, so do the people involved. Each farm must have a health and safety plan in place to be considered a supplier of ZQ Merino, and going beyond this, the ZQ team is there to support farmers in constant improvement. ZQ’s forward contract model ensures economic stability for their growers.

Shop our range of New Zealand made merinohere, or drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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