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Festival for the Future

The Little Yellow Bird team headed up to Auckland last week to be involved in Festival for the Future, an event that exists to inspire connect and grow ideas with young innovators across New Zealand. We were very privileged to be asked to speak at the event, to an audience of over 900 people (our biggest speaking event to date). 

We shared a bit about our journey with Little Yellow Bird and our business model around making ethically made uniforms but we mostly spoke about consumerism in general. Many of the sentiments we shared were touched on by other speakers and a common theme throughout the entire conference was that we are simply consuming too much. 


We heard from an incredible lineup of speakers including the Founder of Thankyou, a company that funds sanitation, food and water projects from the sale of their own range of consumer products. Thankyou is now a very successful and established national Australian brand but hearing their story, identifying with their setbacks along the way and sharing the same reason for being was incredibly inspiring for us. Two key messages that really stuck with me from Dan's talk were:

"The fear of failure kills more dreams that failure itself"and 

"Fight to keep the naivety - anything is possible." 


We also heard from an array of other leaders all doing amazing things in their communities including those inspiring women to have greater body confidence, those working with and empowering youth, projects aimed at reducing the rates of re-offending in our prison populations and entrepreneur programs aimed at growing Maori leaders. 

We went to Festival to share our story and inspire others to be a change within their community but I think it's safe to say we were definitely the ones to leave inspired. 


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