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BNZ Start-up Alley

2016 was off to a great start with Little Yellow Bird being selected as a finalist in the BNZ Start-Up Alleycompetition. Being a finalist was an amazing opportunity in and of itself as it included tickets to the annual Webstockconference held in Wellington. 

All of the speakers were exceptionally talented and diverse, and it was incredibly inspiring listening to some of the worlds best creatives, developers and entrepreneurs talking about their own personal journeys. On the Thursday night Hannah took to the stage to share our story before we both answered a range of questions from the panel of judges about our business and plans for the future. 

Photo Credit: Webstock

We couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome of the BNZ Start-Up Alley competition, with the top three prizes all being awarded to theUniversity of Canterbury's Centre of Entrepreneurship Graduates. Little Yellow Bird was awarded the top prize with the overall feedback being, "It is great to see that you can do good and be good." 

Photo Credit: Webstock

This win is incredibly exciting for the Little Yellow Bird team because in addition to prize money, mentoring and business support we have also won return tickets to San Francisco and workspace at the Kiwi Landing Pad. For us this means we will now be able to work on this business full-time and expand much more quickly than we had initially thought.

We can't wait to take this business international later in the year and look forward to supporting many more projects in the coming months.

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